Cryptocurrency of Smart Cities

Neom Coin is a well-designed cryptocurrency of the Smart Cities that have started to be built in the Middle East and will rise all around the world.




Neom Coin is created for ascent of the smart cities of the new world. Neom Coin allows transfer in seconds worldwide and provides unique services by using technology of Internet of Things (IoT-5G), blockchain and much more. Not only humans, but also robots with artificial intelligence will be able to perform fast and secure asset transfers with Neom Coin and complete their transactions in seconds.

According to the data of the World Bank and the International Labor Organization, migrant workers transfer approximately 650 billion USD annually from the country they work to their home country, and they pay approximately 25 billion USD transaction fee annually to transfer money to their families and loved ones.

Neom Coin enables migrant workers and international suppliers in smart city projects to perform global money transfers in a blockchain-based, fast and secure way with %0 transfer fee. Neom Coin provides this service to migrant workers globally, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

As the cryptocurrency of the new world, Neom Coin offers smart solutions for smart cities.

Usage areas of Neom Coin in Smart Cities

Smart City

In 2021 of the 21st century, smart cities started to make a name for themselves. The world is changing and this change will be shaped by smart cities.

there is no space for fossil fuels in the smart cities of the future where human is at the top of the pyramid because sustainable and renewable green energy will dominate and the climate crisis caused by the primitive human model will end.

Smart cities are only built by smart people for smart people. It aims to take today’s human to the next level and to make the world a more livable place.


Neom Coin is more than a tool of payment on Metaverse that offers all kind of human daily and social activities. Neom Coin is created for and powered by the Smart Cities of the New World. To explain the Metaverse universe in one sentence, it is a 3D cyber-real life hybrid platform that brings real life and more together with the entire internet.
Neom Coin is a Crypto payment tool for Smart Cities and their residents at Metaverse events and organizations. As Neom Coin, we attach importance to the Metaverse and plan to prepare surprises for Neom Coin Holders for payments made with Neom Coin on this new universe.


The Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) industry is booming; according to Forbes, the NFT industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. The market capitalization of NFT has increased by more than 1400 percent, demonstrating the market's confidence in the future growth of NFTs.
Neom Coin plans to take the next step in the NFT game by creating an open square where users can buy and sell Non-Fungible tokens at the best price possible. Apart from an open marketplace, Neom Coin will also host an NFT conceptualization platform, which will enable artists and designers to create their own Non-Fungible Tokens and then sell them for cryptocurrencies.

Fast and Safe Transfer

Fast and secure payment of the construction fees of smart cities to contractors, construction workers and suppliers in seconds globally.
The cryptocurrency that will be used in social, professional conferences, educational organizations and art events to be held in smart cities.
An investment tool to be valued with smart cities rising in the New World.
Currency between humans and robots.




Token Distribution

Neom Coin attaches importance to sharing with the community and partners to achieve its future goals

  • 21% Smart City Project
  • 49% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 5% Bounty campaign
  • 13% Strategic Development
  • Name:Neomcoin Token
  • Type:TRC20
  • Symbol:NEOM
  • Platform:TRON
  • General release:203.000.000 NEOM
General description

Neomcoin will be released on the basis of TRON platform and fully comply with TRC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


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